Rentals that don't download and movies that don't play
A client that constantly phones home and media that doesn't play greet some Amazon Unbox customers...

This week unveiled the company’s long anticipated video download service called ‘Unbox.’  The new movie download service mirrors other product already on the market such as Google video and MovieLink allowing users to purchase movies and TV shows as well as “rent” select movies. TV shows are priced at 1.99 per episode and movies average around 12.50 to purchase or 4.50 to rent.

The service has already been met with criticism from users due to Amazon’s proprietary client, which regularly phones home. Furthermore, the service's absurd license agreement gives the company complete control over the content that you’ve purchased, allowing the company to revoke your permission to view your content and delete it from your computer without warning.

DailyTech tried the service with less than pleasant results. First we tried to rent a video from the store, but the software insisted that our hard drive was full even though it also indicated that we had over 40GB free.  The client refused to download the content while still charging us for the rental… twice. We then tried purchasing a movie through the service, but the media refused to play in the Unbox client or through Windows Media Player, again charging our credit card. We then contacted about our issues via e-mail and requested the company call us using the call back feature.  It has been 36 hours and we have yet to hear from the company or receive a refund.

Apple is expected to unveil an update to its popular iTunes music store that will also allow users to purchase movies through the service on September 12th at a special event held in San Francisco.

"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser
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