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New-generation Kindles have become the fastest and best-selling devices on Amazon announced that the new-generation Kindles are both the fastest-selling and best-selling devices on the website, selling more in the first four weeks of availability than any other previous Kindle launch. 

The new-generation Kindles shipped today, which is two days earlier than expected. Customers ordered more new-generation Kindles on and combined than any other device during the first four weeks of its availability. In fact, customers from 125 countries on six continents have placed orders for the new Kindle. 

"Kindle is the best-selling product on for two years running and our new generation Kindles are continuing that momentum," said Steven Kessel, senior vice president of Amazon Kindle. "Readers are excited about all that the new Kindle has to offer - 50 percent better contrast, 20 percent faster page turns, 15 percent lighter, up to one month of battery life - and a new price of only $139."

The new Kindles certainly do have a lot of updated features. The body is 21 percent smaller, giving it a sleek, clean look. It also weighs 15 percent less than older models at 8.5 ounces, has built-in Wi-Fi and double the storage at 3,500 books. Some features have stayed the same though, such as the 6-inch screen for reading. 

The Kindle Store has more than 670,000 books now, with 235,000 of those being added just in the last seven months. Over 550,000 of these are under $9.99, and over 1.8 million out-of-copyright, pre-1923, free books can be read on Kindle devices as well. 

The new Wi-Fi Kindle is $139 and the Kindle 3G is available for $189. 

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