The taxes from all three together could generate over $50 million a year

Amazon has been fighting off the implementation of sales taxes on its products in many U.S. states, but the e-tailer is coming around with the promise of building new warehouses and three new states have been added to the list.
According to The Wall Street Journal, three U.S. states -- including Indiana, Nevada and Tennessee -- are starting the New Year with having to pay sales tax on Amazon goods. 
This is great news for the three states, as officials estimate that the taxes from all three together could generate over $50 million a year. 
When California began collecting sales taxes on Internet commerce, it made $96.4 million from September-December 2012. 


As far as Tennessee goes, Amazon wins too, since it gets to build two new warehouses in the state. As for the other two, however, Amazon just agreed to collect taxes in order to settle issues with state officials. 
With these three states onboard, that brings the total number of U.S. states paying sales tax on Amazon products to 19. All 19 have a combined population of about 180 million. 
Amazon isn't expected to tack on any new states until 2016, when South Carolina will be added to the list. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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