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45 pounds or 4 cubic feet of groceries ships for $5.99

In a couple parts of the country, Amazon has been testing out a new service called AmazonFresh that could one day replace the grocery store. AmazonFresh allows people in these served areas to have fresh grocery items like milk, eggs, and vegetables delivered to their door the same day or next day.
Amazon has now announced a new service that will let people anywhere in the U.S. order pantry staples and have them all delivered for one low price. The serve is called Prime Pantry and is only opened to Prime customers. Prime Pantry has a number of non-perishable food items from snacks to meal kits and drinks that can be ordered online and shipped to your door.

Amazon says that the items offered via Prime Pantry are in everyday sizes and shoppers won't need to buy in bulk. Purchases can be delivered to the contiguous 48 states with a single box shipping for $5.99. That delivery fee will ship a box that can hold up to 45 pounds or four cubic feet of groceries.
Prime Pantry has a slick way to let you know when your box is full. As you add items to the car, a virtual box will fill up to let you know how much you will pay for shipping.
A wide range of items is available including snacks, meal kits, bottled water, breakfast foods, personal hygiene items, and laundry items. Prime Pantry is available to use right now if you have a Prime membership. However, glancing quickly at the prices, you will pay a bit more for the convenience of not having to go to the store.

Source: Amazon

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By therealnickdanger on 4/24/2014 10:46:33 AM , Rating: 1
I would never leave the house if I could have this combined with telecommuting for work. Just give it another 10 years and we should never have to go anywhere ever again.

RE: Underwear
By Brandon Hill on 4/24/2014 10:52:45 AM , Rating: 3
RE: Underwear
By Falacer on 4/24/2014 11:45:34 AM , Rating: 2
I was looking that same scene!

RE: Underwear
By Jonwww on 4/24/2014 12:13:31 PM , Rating: 2
I was thinking more like this,
but either way it's a similar turnout.

RE: Underwear
By MozeeToby on 4/24/2014 12:37:18 PM , Rating: 3
Seems more like this:

And Forster came up with it over 100 years ago.

RE: Underwear
By dgingerich on 4/24/2014 11:32:15 AM , Rating: 2
I'm an admin in a software test lab. Most of my users work remotely from California or Washington, yet the equipment is in Colorado. My work is slowly becoming mostly virtual in nature, not requiring my direct presence. I have one user that regularly comes into the office now. I also happen to live within 5 miles of my office, so I could just come in for the few things I need for direct contact, and stay home for most of it.

Even right now, I'm building a new experimental system for testing, and the vast majority of it is remote control. I had to assemble it, but that took less than a day. Most of my work is "type in this command and wait." As long as I get my work done in a reasonable time, I could to the vast majority from home. I'm very close to the point where I can work from home, gaming most of the time, slide over to type in a command, and then go back to gaming.

RE: Underwear
By mondo1234 on 4/24/2014 8:11:07 PM , Rating: 2
They have that too!

Its call Prime Panty!


I'd never do this
By atechfan on 4/24/2014 5:42:46 PM , Rating: 1
When I am buying food, I want to see the produce. I want to check freshness. I get my meat directly from the farm. I buy local when I can. Since I buy very little processed and packaged food, the service is essentially useless to me.

RE: I'd never do this
By flyingpants1 on 4/25/2014 2:36:48 PM , Rating: 1
Same here, I can't even think of what packaged trash I would need to buy, just to fill up that tiny box.

This service is for idiots that don't know how to eat healthy. Huge market!

RE: I'd never do this
By Tegeril on 4/25/2014 3:10:27 PM , Rating: 3
Before you say it's for idiots... you realize it's not all food right? You actually went to the site and looked?

Do you buy toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies? Guess what, that's in this too.

RE: I'd never do this
By MrBlastman on 4/25/2014 3:33:57 PM , Rating: 2
I used to think eating unprocessed food was a crock. That is, until we tried it. This was the first winter in four years that our household wasn't perpetually sick. And when someone did get sick (all of one time), everyone else didn't!

I figure we spend a great deal more on our food, at least fifty to sixty percent more, but when you think about it, the amount we saved on antibiotics, doctor's visits, and time out of the office... well, it pays for itself.

It is challenging, however. We're forced to shop at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's since in the city, we don't have access to local farms. Thankfully Kroger started selling pasture-raised, grass-fed milk in glass jugs (it isn't even homogenized so it has cream on the top!) so that helps. The imported grass-fed cheese we get from New Zealand is amazing. We don't miss Cracker Barrel at all.

RE: I'd never do this
By Piiman on 4/26/2014 12:48:15 PM , Rating: 2
"This service is for idiots that don't know how to eat healthy."

Well some of those "idiots" could in fact be home bound and unable to go shopping. Also what this service has to do with healthy eating or lack of it is beyond me. Its not like thye are ordering Papa Johns Pizza.

Please try this...
By Christobevii3 on 4/24/2014 12:56:03 PM , Rating: 2
Someone with access to this please order 45lbs of jumbo marshmallows. I want to see the results.

RE: Please try this...
By Arkive on 4/24/2014 1:06:59 PM , Rating: 2

It says, "45 lb or 4 cubic feet." I'm sure it's, "Whichever is greater."

Also, when you think about it, that's a decent amount of space but not a ton. That's essentially a 2' x 2' x 1' box.

RE: Please try this...
By wordsworm on 4/24/2014 4:28:06 PM , Rating: 2
1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 isn't a lot of room for groceries. Oh well, it's not like I'm in the US anyways.

By msheredy on 4/24/2014 11:52:40 AM , Rating: 3
My local grocery store chain (Vons) will deliver my groceries for free has no weight limit and I know which store it's coming from.

RE: Meehh
By BurnItDwn on 4/24/2014 12:07:58 PM , Rating: 2
Nice, maybe they will open a store near me, until then, Amazon might be the next best thing.

I dunno though if this is going to be a good deal or not. They have had groceries that shipped free with prime for ages. Their grocery prices were always high however, in order to make up for their shipping costs.

Anyhow, I suspect that they can afford to lower prices significantly enough on groceries with this, that it will make them more attractive, all the while increasing their bottom line.

Double-edged sword
By villageidiotintern on 4/24/2014 12:48:11 PM , Rating: 2
This moves some items out of the 2 Day Free Shipping for Prime members box and into the $5.99 shipping fee box. Items eligible for PrimePantry are no longer eligible for the 2 Day Free Shipping.

RE: Double-edged sword
By crimson117 on 4/24/2014 12:56:32 PM , Rating: 2
I'm guessing it will also include those Add-On items which were only shipped free when the total was above $25.

By degobah77 on 4/24/2014 12:49:54 PM , Rating: 3
Usually when I go shopping, I'm not entirely sure what I want so I walk down aisles and come up with ideas as things stand out to me. I've never been able to buy groceries online because it seems you have to know exactly what you're looking for.

If I could walk down a virtual aisle and see all products, maybe this would work for me, but until then I enjoy the outing because I never know what I'll bring back for dinner.

By lostvyking on 4/24/2014 2:07:51 PM , Rating: 3
The more things change, the more they stay the same... we used to have milkmen who would deliver dairy products... and they eventually phased out of existence. Now we are coming right back to that.

By CaedenV on 4/24/2014 2:54:14 PM , Rating: 2
How long before we can link this up with a service like emeals and have everything we need for our meal plan delivered automatically?

Next fall I am going to be going back to school at night and being the stay-at-home dad/home-maker during the day. Just as technology and the internet has turned me into a part time home repair man, car repair man, gardener, and home technologist, now it will help me become a home-maker. My wife has essentially not allowed me to do anything except dishes and home maintenance for the last 8 years... this is going to be quite the learning curve.

Also, to whoever mentioned that 4 sq ft is not a whole lot of space, you are sort of right. It is not a lot of space for all of your food needs in a given month (or week for us family folks), but Amazon already has plenty of non-perishable food stuffs available with free shipping for prime members such as cereals, pasta, etc. So between the free shipping on non-perishables, and low shipping on things like fruits, veggies, dairy, and eggs, I think this will work out quite nicely in a weekly shipment for many people.

Britain is well ahead here
By PrinceGaz on 4/27/2014 10:40:58 AM , Rating: 2
Across most of Britain, most of the major supermarket chains do home delivery of their full range of products at the in-store price (including promotions) and will deliver it at your chosen time (to within an hour ir so), though you do have to place your order no later than the previous evening. There's no upper limit on how much you can order, in fact the more you order the cheaper the delivery generally, and with at least one of them it is free if you order over about £100. You could order a van full of groceries and get them delivered for free if you really wanted (and your credit card could cope)!

Give it another ten or fifteen years and I can imagine there being few large supermarkets left here; only small local convenience stores for those odds and ends you want on the spur of the moment, with home delivery being the norm for most people.

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