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Amazon Prime takes center stage in the first Fire Phone commercial

Amazon is just days away from launching its Fire Phone, and in preparation, the internet retailer has just revealed its first TV commercial featuring the smartphone.
What many will find interesting is that while the commercial does actually show the Fire Phone, it doesn’t talk about its hardware specs, its innovative 3D interface, or even its pricing. Instead, the full 30 seconds of the ad is devoted on to talking about Amazon Prime. The ad makes mention of all the movies and TV shows that can be accessed using Prime Instant Video, along with the games and apps that can be downloaded from the Appstore.

The ad even mentions the fact that the Fire Phone comes with a free one-year subscription to the aforementioned Amazon Prime service.
That Amazon would spend the entirety of its first ad for the Fire Phone talking about Prime is likely a deliberate move — the Fire Phone all about extending Amazon’s digital media (and shopping) storefront to more people (the Kindle Fire was the first step in “spreading the word”). Even Fire Phone features like Firefly (which can use the rear camera to scan real world objects like books, DVDs, and common household objects) are being used to route you back to Amazon’s store where you’ll be able to place an order and have the item arrive at your doorstep within two days — or possibly 30 minutes once the Amazon Prime Air delivery service takes to the skies.

With the exception of its 3D interface, the Fire Phone is a run-of-the-mill mid-range smartphone with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 4.7” 720p display, and 13MP rear camera. So perhaps playing up its most marketable feature is a smart move.
But one has to wonder, with a starting price of $199 on contract for a 32GB model ($299 on contract for the 64GB model), is it enough to grab customers that would otherwise go to similarly priced flagships from Apple, Samsung, HTC, and LG? Apple’s iPhones already support access to most of Amazon’s core services including Prime Instant Videos, Prime Music, and the Kindle app. And it’s rumored that the Prime Instant Video app will make its way to the Google Play store shortly.

Source: Amazon via YouTube

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Irons in the fire
By Nortel on 7/18/2014 1:50:08 PM , Rating: 3
Middle of the road hardware, no Play store, requires yearly subscription to fully function, gimmicky '3d' interface and same price as premium phones. Somehow I can't see this one being all that successful... Yet another Amazon Fire failure.

RE: Irons in the fire
By Brandon Hill on 7/18/2014 2:24:05 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't call it an outright failure before it even launches, but I do wish that it was more reasonably priced. I know some will point to the fact that it comes with one-year free of Amazon Prime, but under contract, it's still $100 more expensive that the deals you can get on current generation flagship smartphones.

You can get a Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), or LG G3 for $99 on contract (or lower) on your choice of carrier rather being tied to AT&T. Add back in the cost of Prime and you still have a superior phone in your pocket.

RE: Irons in the fire
By CyCl0n3 on 7/21/2014 8:39:27 AM , Rating: 2
Very true. I dont get the pricing either. The S5, LG, HTC pricing is better. Also the Lumia series is better priced with better hardware. Like the Lumia Icon for 99$ on contract at verizon or the Lumia 930 in Europe between 0-29€ on contract.
Amazon Prime for a year is fine but ultimately it doesnt justify this pricing difference.

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