Mozilla seems to be struggling to balance the desire for perfection with its need to put out product

It's official -- Firefox's Modern UI makeover has been delayed yet again.
Windows Modern UI -- better known as "Metro" (a name dropped midway through the Windows 8 testing cycle due to a trademark dispute with German retailer Metro AG) -- debuted in late Oct. 2012, with the launch of Windows 8.
After an early spat over permissions in the upcoming Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) OS in early 2012, both Google Inc. (GOOG) and The Mozilla Foundation reached an understanding with Microsoft.  Work started on third party Metro browsers at last.
The race was on in, with both Google and Mozilla announcing in February Metro browser plans.  Google's Metro-equipped Chrome landed in Nov. 2012, hot on the heels of the final Windows 8 release.  While a bit ho-hum in terms of styling, it was -- well -- released.

Firefox Metro Mode
Firefox in pre-beta Metro Mode from early 2013 [Image Source: Neowin]

The same could not be said for Mozilla's Metro Firefox build, which has crept along through various points of the test lifecycle, delayed multiple times.
While a much more ambitious, and arguably better-looking Metro makeover than Chrome's, Firefox's new look will have taken over two years of development to release -- if it avoids another frustrating delay.
When Mozilla first announced development, Firefox 12 was the latest finished release.  Today Firefox 26 is the latest and greatest, and like the 14 releases before it there's no official Modern UI support yet.  In December the roadmap indicated that Firefox 27 was the likely target to merge in the Metro changes.  Now Mozilla is saying it will do the merge with Firefox 28 in March 18.

Firefox Metro start screen
Firefox Metro mode is now coming with FF 28 [Image Source: Mozilla]

Either this is going to be the best browser for Modern UI ever, or Mozilla is going to have some tough questions to answer.  With 1,089 development "points" finished, its latest roadmap shows 131 left to go (about 10 percent).  The UI has slowly taken shape into a gorgeous example of a Metro app (unless, perhaps, you hate the Metro look in general).  But it sure has taken a long time.  Hopefully Mozilla can reach the finish line in this marathon in March.

(Note: While Microsoft dropped the "Metro" name for "Modern UI", fans and critics alike generally still refer to Modern UI as "Metro".  In fact Mozilla's official Modern UI project is dubbed "Firefox Metro Development Project".)

Source: Firefox Wiki

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