Adobe says the new format will make it easier to create digital cinema files and reduce incompatibilities

Adobe is a well known company within the video and image editing and authoring realm as the maker of some of the most popular software products around for these tasks like Photoshop and Premier Pro. Adobe announced this week that it was kicking off an effort at the National Association of Broadcasters 2008 show to define an industry wide open-file format for digital cinema files.

The format will be called CinemaDNG and will be based on Adobe’s existing Digital Negative file format used for digital photography. Simon Hayhurst, senior product manager for dynamic media at Adobe says, “The DNG format is used in the photographic world today; it enables you to get as close as you can to a digital negative.”

Hayhurst continues, “We knew we needed to work with the industry on this and we decided that NAB would be a good place to kick this off.” Adobe says that the open CinemaDNG format will allow filmmakers to avoid incompatibilities in workflow that involve multiple devices, file formats and vendors.

Hayhurst also says that the CinemaDNG format will allow metadata to be embedded into the files to make post-production work easier and allow audiences to search content easily. The metadata will also provide a way for advertisers to target content for advertising. Hayhurst says that the ability to leverage the metadata in content via Adobe’s recently announced Media Player will do for video what HTML did for text rendering.

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