Adobe Photoshop CS3 is coming, but CS2.3 comes first

According to reports, Adobe is well on its way to releasing the next major version of its graphics production application set -- Creative Suite 3. Anticipation is high right now, especially on the Intel-Mac platform. Since Apple's transition at the beginning of this year, Mac users have been stuck using Adobe's CS2 running on Rosetta, which significantly reduces performance. Adobe however, demonstrated CS3 this month at the Photoshop World conference, which was reportedly running on an Intel-Mac platform.

Earlier this year, Adobe pointed out that CS2 would not be updated to run on Intel-Macs natively and that users would have to wait until CS3 was released. Interestingly, Apple then released Boot Camp, which allowed users to natively install Windows XP -- and thus run the Windows version of CS2 natively without issues. The only drawback was that users had to reboot into Windows every time they needed to use CS2 applications.

Despite the wait, Adobe has announced CS2.3, an updated version of CS2 which includes Acrobat 8 Professional and Dreamweaver 8. Acrobat 8 will support PDF/X-1a and PDF/X-3 as well as PDF/X-4 and PDF/A -- several new formats that Adobe has introduced to support such features as transparency and archiving. AppleInsider reports that Adobe will be releasing the full version of CS2.3 for an estimated price of $1200 with the upgrade for CS2 users priced at $150.

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