IFA Berlin is on day 5 of its 6-day event that runs from the 2nd to the 7th of September 2016. This year’s event is taking place at the Messe Berlin in Berlin, Germany. There are many new technologies and products show-cased at this event. One such product is Acer’s new Predator 21X Gaming laptop.

The Acer Predator 21X is being billed as the world’s first curved-screen laptop.  We have all seen curved screen TVs and curved screen monitors so a curved screen laptop shouldn’t surprise.

Photo Source: Arc Technica

The Predator 21X is definitely not for the budget conscious consumer.  The goodies that are packed inside this baby make it a video gamers dream and more than justify the $5000 price tag.  If you want one after reading this article, then you will have to wait until January 2017 just to pre-order it.

Photo Source: GIZBOT

So here is what $5000 gets you. The Curved IPS wide screen is the first thing on the Predator 21X that catches the eye. The display is an impressive 21-inches with a resolution of 2560 X 1080 pixels. Video comes from Dual NVIDA GeoForce GTX 1080 graphic cards in SLI.

The Predator’s keyboard is a fully customizable mechanical keyboard that features Cherry MX switches which provide audible and tactile feedback which can enhance and improve gameplay. Backlight settings can be applied to each Individual key for additional illumination. 

Photo Source: GIZBOT

The keyboard even features numberic keybad can actually flip over to reveal a precision touchpad.

Photo Source: SOYACINCAU

Acer’s flagship laptop is certainly not lacking in the audio department either.  This monster comes with SoundPound 4.2+ (4 speakers and 2 subwoofers), 3-way audio and Dolby Audio that delivers the ultimate in sound immersion experience.

Photo Source: Photo Source: CNET

All of those high quality components generate lots of heat, but the Predator 21X can handle it via its advanced cooling architecture.  The chassis is rigged with 5 system fans,  3 of which are ultra-thin AeroBlade metal fans, that are highy efficient in dispersing  excess heat as you dispatch the bad guys.

Photo Source: Arc Technica

The Predator 21X is no light weight. When you consider the 2 power supplies, 2 video cards, 4 speakers, 2 subwookers, 5 system fans, and 8 heatpipes in addition to all the other hardware mentioned, it is no wonder the Predator 21X weighs in at just over 17 pounds. 

That's around the average weight of a 6 month baby.

Sources: GIZBOT, CNET, ArcTechnica

"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher

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