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Acer aims to improve

Acer continues to look forward to a better 2012 after having a stormy 2011 and recent problems with management. Acer is currently ranked as the fourth largest computer shipper in the world and the company says that Q2 2012 looks relatively normal compared to the first half of last year when sales were down significantly. 
Acer is remaining cautious though, saying that most consumers are still moving slowly on major purchases because of global economic woes. The company believes that the computer industry will return to growth this year and then reach a double-digit growth rate in 2013.

Acer is going to bet on Intel's ultrabook platform for that growth.
"We have restarted on a positive cycle and are improving day by day," Acer's chairman, J.T. Wang, told an investor conference. "Overall, our competitiveness is coming back. Our market share in the first quarter was 10.9 percent, Dell was 11 percent. In not so long a time we will be back to No.3."
Acer has had trouble competing in the computer market, but it has even more trouble competing against Apple in the tablet market. Acer has yet to offer a competitive tablet, and plans to fight Apple with an ultrabook priced similarly to the iPad. Acer is hoping for success with ultrabooks, but Wang said that challenges persist and placed some of the blame for the challenges on "inadequate marketing effort by the whole PC industry and high prices of ultrabooks."
Acer is expecting to ship ultrabooks in Q2 at a rate two and a half times what it shipped in Q1. The company also expects the shipments to continue to grow throughout the rest of the year.

Source: Reuters

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Easy solution.
By IronChef75 on 4/26/2012 12:11:19 PM , Rating: 2
Stop selling shit.

RE: Easy solution.
By Flunk on 4/26/2012 12:22:08 PM , Rating: 2
That would ruin their entire marketing plan. Acer stands for cut-rate solutions.

RE: Easy solution.
By ritualm on 4/27/2012 5:53:39 PM , Rating: 2

It's 2012, yet Acer feels comfortable pushing these trash heaps on us. 768p on a 15-incher.

RE: Easy solution.
By FaceMaster on 4/26/2012 12:33:39 PM , Rating: 2
Apple seems to be doing just fine?

Any way, not sure why everybody hates Acer so much, I've got 2 laptops from them, both excellent. My friends have had similar experiences.

RE: Easy solution.
By masamasa on 4/26/2012 12:53:39 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed. I have the iconia 500 and it runs/works just fine. Also have an LCD TV from about 6 or 7 years ago, better than my pos Samsung.

RE: Easy solution.
By zero2dash on 4/26/2012 1:58:41 PM , Rating: 2
Very happy with my $399 Acer Core i3 2330 laptop I just bought a few months ago. Cost quite a bit less than any similar spec'd Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP etc. for the same parts.

RE: Easy solution.
By AstroGuardian on 4/30/2012 11:04:29 AM , Rating: 2
Stop talking nonsense

acer quality
By frozentundra123456 on 4/26/2012 1:21:54 PM , Rating: 3
I have an acer desktop that is almost six years old and have been very happy with it. The only problems I had were that I had to replace the hard drive. Otherwise it has worked flawlessly for the entire time, more reliable than the HP comps I have had.

On the other hand, I have an A100 tablet that is adequate, but I am not particularly pleased with. My main complaint is poor wifi connectivity and GPS satellite pick up. It also is bog slow and tends to lock up randomly a lot of times.

RE: acer quality
By frozentundra123456 on 4/26/2012 1:22:57 PM , Rating: 2
also, the tablet has lousy battery life also.

RE: acer quality
By Denigrate on 4/26/2012 1:30:26 PM , Rating: 2
I have the A500 and the battery lasts me 2-3 days use. Granted I'm only using it for an hour in the morning and 2-3 hours in the evening.

Considering what I paid for it, I'm very pleased, and will be even more pleased once I install the ICS update that is finally arriving.

RE: acer quality
By frozentundra123456 on 4/26/2012 6:13:41 PM , Rating: 2
I guess that is about what I get too. I usually get maybe 4-6 hours of light use. Maybe I expected too much. I thought because of the low power chip, battery life would be good for a whole day of continuous use, but I didnt think that the battery must be quite small in the 7" chassis. Anyway, I dont mean to say the tablet doesnt work, or is terrible. It just has a enough niggling flaws to somewhat spoil the user experience, the worst being the weak wifi acquisition.

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