Stan Shih thanks that Acer will "return to glory" in the next three years

After coming out of retirement in November of 2013, Shih stepped back into the roll as Chairman and President of Acer Inc. after the company jettisoned two CEO over the span of a month.
However, Shih, 69, over the weekend announced that he would again retire on June 18 following the massive reorganization effort that he instituted. Thanks to his reforms -- part of which included senior execs taking a 30 percent pay cut in January -- Shih is confident that “the company will soon break even and start making money again.”

Acer Chairman and President Stan Shih
"The media and investors had grown pessimistic. Everybody thought Acer will sooner or later fall apart," said Shih at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing. "But I think within six months, our company's performance will give everyone some confidence in Acer.”
According to the India Times, Shih went on to proclaim that Acer, the world’s fourth largest PC maker, would "return to glory" within three years.
Acer’s current CEO, Jason Chen, will be tasked with restoring the company to profitability. Acer in recent years has found its PC offerings losing favor with consumers and has even failed to find a winner in the booming smartphone and tablet sectors, which are crucial moneymakers for hardware companies.

Acer Iconia Tab 7
With this in mind, Chen is determined to make mobile devices and tightly integrated services a major focus for the company in the future. “Build Your Own Cloud” is just one part of Acer’s mobile strategy that will see a family of cloud services for data, documents, and photos that will accompany its smartphone and tablet offerings.

Sources: PC Advisor, India Times, ZDNet

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