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Acer chief also compares Apple to betamax tapes

Acer is fast gaining ground in the personal computer market thanks to its best-selling Acer Aspire One netbookIn July of 2010, Acer ousted Dell from the second place spot in the global computer shipment rankings dropping Dell in third place.  However, Dell has since recovered, regaining its second place spot.

Meanwhile Acer continues to grapple with Apple -- a company that once bumped it to fourth place.  Speaking with Digitimes, Acer found Stan Shih compared Apple's products to mutant viruses and remarked that a cure was incoming.  The report reads:
Acer founder Stan Shih, in a talks with reporters on September 8, commented that Apple's strong popularity is mainly due to its products such as iPad and iPhone, and these products are like mutant viruses, which are difficult to find a cure for in the short-term, but he believes that PC vendors will eventually find a way to isolate Apple and become immune.
Apple indeed seems to have a rather viral market appeal and a tendency to peter out and then come back -- as evidenced by the failure of Macs in the 1990s and the company salvation by the iPod lineup in the 2000s.

Mr. Shih also compared Apple products to the short-lived Betamax format, saying PCs are like the more popular VHS tapes.  The statement is somewhat ironic, given that Apple CEO Steve Jobs often credits himself and Apple for doing away with defunct formats like floppy discs.

He did at last offer some kinder words for the competitor, though, saying that Apple was both creative and an innovator.  He said that PC makers could learn from the success of Apple's integrated hardware/software approach, and its successful applications store (the iTunes App Store).

During the interview Mr. Shih also voiced another controversial opinion -- that U.S. technology companies will eventually quit the personal computer market.  He points to IBM's recent 2005 sale of its PC department to Lenovo (Chinese) as an example of that.  Of course Mr. Shih's statements discount that three of the top four computer manufacturers -- Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Apple -- are all American.

Mr. Shih's comments follow controversial remarks about Apple in late August, in which he said the company's tablet, the iPad, would drop from 100 percent market share to 20 percent market share over the next couple years.  Apple's supporters are skeptical about rival tablet makers' ability to catch up.

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Nice analogy
By mfenn on 9/9/2010 12:24:07 PM , Rating: 4
Betamax was also higher quality than VHS.

RE: Nice analogy
By amanojaku on 9/9/2010 12:33:26 PM , Rating: 5
Then the analogy is false as Apple does not produce higher quality products than other vendors. No reputable vendor had as many defects as Apple had across all of its product lines. ALL OF ITS PRODUCTS. Apple's short-term advantage is a better aesthetic design, which becomes stale as it's rarely updated, while other platforms see a variety of designs. The Achilles Heel of Apple: no variety. We all know about homogeneous gene pools...

RE: Nice analogy
By StevoLincolnite on 9/9/2010 1:04:53 PM , Rating: 5
Apple's short-term advantage is a better aesthetic design,

Even that comes down to personal taste.
I personally don't like the look of the Mac's.
Give me a nice black case, with a clear window, a water cooling loop with UV reactive coolant, a bunch of Neons over the Macs dull casing any day.

RE: Nice analogy
By paydirt on 9/9/2010 3:19:35 PM , Rating: 2
If Apple was my competitor, I would probably be insane too and making bad analogies.

RE: Nice analogy
By drunkenmastermind on 9/9/2010 9:03:09 PM , Rating: 2
Have you ever put your wrist to the sharp aluminium edge on the pro series laptop? fucking awful and they weight a ton.

RE: Nice analogy
By Chapbass on 9/9/2010 9:51:22 PM , Rating: 3
Only every time I use an apple product....

/wrists. It just works.

RE: Nice analogy
By wolrah on 9/15/2010 10:24:02 AM , Rating: 2
Give me a nice black case, with a clear window, a water cooling loop with UV reactive coolant, a bunch of Neons over the Macs dull casing any day.

Stretching the definition of what can be called "taste" there, eh?

To use a car analogy, I see the "dull" design of a Mac as being like a mid-90s BMW: everyone knows what it is when they see it but it doesn't call attention to itself (never mind that the owner is 50/50 a tool who wants to call attention to it). While I'll give you that in some applications neons and UV can look good, 99.9% of the time it looks like a riced out Civic exploded in a computer.

RE: Nice analogy
By hexxthalion on 9/10/2010 5:43:34 AM , Rating: 1
definitely better quality than acer products

RE: Nice analogy
By JarredWalton on 9/10/2010 11:59:56 AM , Rating: 1
No doubt. Much as I'm not an Apple fan/user, Acer's products have lousy build quality, horrible keyboards, and crappy LCDs. The fact that Acer managed to move into the #2 spot (if only temporarily) isn't that big of a deal, considering most of those sales were crappy netbooks with small margins.

RE: Nice analogy
By FITCamaro on 9/9/2010 12:33:34 PM , Rating: 5
Apples may have a pretty case on the outside, but what you get inside is less than what the same money gets you with a PC.

RE: Nice analogy
By GaryJohnson on 9/9/2010 12:49:50 PM , Rating: 2
As an enthusiast I'm used to dropping a ludicrous amount of money on hardware, and I don't bat an eye at their prices. What keeps me away is the proprietary hardware & software.

RE: Nice analogy
By ClownPuncher on 9/9/2010 3:10:41 PM , Rating: 5
That is a lie and you know it. Unicorn Musk gives the Apple the advantage.

RE: Nice analogy
By wallijonn on 9/9/10, Rating: 0
RE: Nice analogy
By Camikazi on 9/9/2010 4:44:19 PM , Rating: 3
iPhone Anntennae, iMac yellow screen, MacBook cracking cases, using faulty nvidia chips (not 100% their fault but you would think QA qould notice the overheating and problems wouldn't you?) that is just the few I remember. Apple QA is not all that much better then other computer companies, it's just that other companies sell much more so you see people complaining more.

RE: Nice analogy
By djcameron on 9/9/2010 5:21:58 PM , Rating: 2
Don't forget that Cube-shaped Mac that had a problem with a cracking case.

RE: Nice analogy
By PrezWeezy on 9/9/2010 5:41:37 PM , Rating: 2
How about the firmware update that killed hard drive performance.

RE: Nice analogy
By tastyratz on 9/9/2010 6:02:08 PM , Rating: 2
Funny thing about what you said. it seems these days that apple engineers don't notice anything overheating, your just using it wrong.

Don't you know every portable mac product is for 3 season use?

For a company with their brand recognition their ability to pass off sub par engineering and QA baffles me.

RE: Nice analogy
By Reclaimer77 on 9/10/2010 1:48:25 AM , Rating: 2
You left out exploding batteries in several devices.

RE: Nice analogy
By FredEx on 9/10/2010 2:31:27 AM , Rating: 2
Go to any Apple help/support blog to find folks asking for fixes on many of Apple's "flawless" products. <tic>

RE: Nice analogy
By Uncle on 9/11/2010 11:54:48 AM , Rating: 1
@ Fredex. Unless the moderator deems your complaints as flammable and pulls them so no one else sees them.

RE: Nice analogy
By bfellow on 9/14/2010 5:23:16 PM , Rating: 2
It's the consumers fault for not noticing their batteries are about to explode or they're holding the Mac wrong.

RE: Nice analogy
By acer905 on 9/9/2010 12:56:43 PM , Rating: 2
It seems as though Apple, like its fruit namesake, has a definite shelf life. In most corporations, people are not critical to success in the fact that, while having talented people is necessary, having a specific person is not.

That is not the case for Apple, whose own history has shown that without Jobs, the company itself withers. If, for any reason, Jobs is unable to work at Apple, which will most definitely happen at some point in the future, will Apple be able to accomplish anything?

(Side thought, with our current rate of human-computer interfaces being created, and Apple's huge cash pile... Maybe Jobs is secretly researching a way to combine himself with Apple and become their new OS...)

RE: Nice analogy
By exploderator on 9/9/10, Rating: -1
RE: Nice analogy
By Alexstarfire on 9/9/2010 4:25:36 PM , Rating: 1
Are you high? Much of what you said is the exact opposite of how it really is. I suppose I could agree that Jobs does have binding decisions. Seems obvious that there isn't a good management structure though. Just look at anyone who makes a mistake at Apple. Not only that, but the management at Apple is what allowed the antenna issue to get through. Not that Apple is alone in allowing known issues to go into production models.

Real geeks stay away from Apple like the plague. Apple is arguably the least innovative company ever, except for their marketing. Their marketing is obviously genius since so many people buy into it.

Don't know if Apple will be able to keep it up when Jobs is out of the picture permanently. I don't think they will, but only time will tell.

RE: Nice analogy
By djcameron on 9/9/2010 5:26:23 PM , Rating: 4
The was an episode of South Park where everyone was buying Prius cars. They had an outbreak of "Smug". This is what drives Apple's sales, the current trend of yuppie/yippie/hipster people desperate to feel cooler than everyone else.

RE: Nice analogy
By Autisticgramma on 9/9/2010 6:09:37 PM , Rating: 4
apple does some good things, for one their ipod interface is something even my gramma can use.

speaking of analogies :)

apple is more akin to a fashion company. Who makes designs for people who know nothing about fashion. I just thought that people with that much money to spend on clothes would look at a clothes magazine, of course one that doesn't say apple fashions on the front.

I'm glad they don't make washers and dryers. Besides having a lein your house to get them. They would be pretty enough to have in the living room, and even pick up your clothes. But you have to have apple clothes, and every time they enter the washer its $.10 to the CC you purchased with, and $.10 more for the dryer. And folding/hangers/drawers? We removed that feature, it worked great but, used too much power, and its insecure.

RE: Nice analogy
By tcunning on 9/12/2010 8:49:54 PM , Rating: 2
I agree about the iPod interface (also good for one hand blind in the car)--except they JUST GOT RID OF IT with the Nano going touch and the Classic being, well, classic. I guess they think they have so many good ideas that they can just throw the old ones away.

RE: Nice analogy
By MScrip on 9/10/2010 6:02:14 AM , Rating: 2
Apple is arguably the least innovative company ever

So what has HP, the largest computer manufacturer in the world, done to innovate lately?

Maybe there's only so much you can do with processors, hard drives, screens and keyboards.

So Apple decided to focus on other things... like magnetic battery connectors, glass trackpads and aluminum enclosures.

I'm not a Mac user... so don't even try to attack me. But there's not much innovation in the computer market anymore. At this point... computers are a commodity. So you have to distinguish your products in other ways.

RE: Nice analogy
By n00bxqb on 9/15/2010 2:53:59 AM , Rating: 2
Memristors are a pretty huge innovation ...

But I guess something that could completely change the face of computers as we know them is not nearly as innovative as making a computer out of aluminum :rolleyes:

RE: Nice analogy
By mydogfarted on 9/9/2010 1:20:06 PM , Rating: 2
Well sort of. Betamax's short run lasted from 1975 to 2002, when the last Betamax machine was produced.

RE: Nice analogy
By omnicronx on 9/10/2010 11:57:51 AM , Rating: 2
He means the quality format itself ;) Betamax always supported more lines (horizontally and vertically, kind of like the analog version of resolution) than VHS. From a video quality perspective for those with good enough TV's to notice, it was better..

Unfortunately no licensing fee's and a lower price will always win out over a marginal quality increase and a proprietary and costly format..

RE: Nice analogy
By murdakillemall on 9/10/2010 2:38:15 PM , Rating: 2
by omnicronx on September 10, 2010 at 11:57 AM
... Unfortunately no licensing fee's and a lower price will always win out over a marginal quality increase and a proprietary and costly format..

Until Blu-Ray appeared on the scene.

RE: Nice analogy
By BernardP on 9/9/2010 2:30:23 PM , Rating: 2

I'm still using my Sony SL-HF600 circa 1985) for occasional off-air recording.

RE: Nice analogy
By Mitch101 on 9/9/2010 3:44:08 PM , Rating: 2
Coax input and where might you be getting an analog broadcast signal input? I smell shins?

RE: Nice analogy
By MrTeal on 9/9/2010 5:07:08 PM , Rating: 3
Perhaps you missed the 50,000,000 coupons for digital to analog converter boxes that were handed out?

RE: Nice analogy
By Penti on 9/12/2010 10:27:49 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe analog cable? Or just the RF-output on the cable/satellite/over-the-air receiver. Now days you can get a TV with built in PVR though, as well as Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu Plus etc.

But I get why people aren't getting the worthless DVR-receivers the providers offer or why they don't buy those awful DVD's with recording function to record TV, I guess most don't have the ability to record tv any more now when VHS isn't used any longer. Connecting a harddrive to a modern tv should fix that though. Easier then trying to revive an old Betamax at least. I know they wish you shouldn't be able to record digital tv though, but it feels like a step back, and theres some broadcasts with the broadcast flag and 5C encryption in the US from what I have get. To bad.

By bug77 on 9/9/2010 12:45:23 PM , Rating: 5
What's American about a company that makes stuff in China and offers tech support from India?

RE: American?
By Iaiken on 9/9/2010 1:16:10 PM , Rating: 5
That's as American as Mom, or Apple Pie...

The companies that don't have been the exceptions for ten years running, where have you been?

RE: American?
By bug77 on 9/9/2010 1:33:06 PM , Rating: 2
Not in the US, unfortunately for me :-(

RE: American?
By ClownPuncher on 9/9/2010 3:16:15 PM , Rating: 2
Good example, apple pie...

Definitely not an American invention.

RE: American?
By Mitch101 on 9/9/2010 3:47:17 PM , Rating: 5
I think Apple pies are made in China now. Probably use drywall for filler.

RE: American?
By ClownPuncher on 9/9/2010 7:23:31 PM , Rating: 2
Not far from the truth, I bet!

RE: American?
By snakeInTheGrass on 9/9/2010 9:26:34 PM , Rating: 2
Drywall? I thought they were filling the pie with carcinogenic catfish... or did we go and have them pull that from the market now too?

RE: American?
By FredEx on 9/10/2010 2:43:15 AM , Rating: 2
That is just in the crust. They use apple flavored whale fat as the gooey apple stuff...Like McDonald's fruit pies, no actual fruit chucks maybe be contained.

By ralniv on 9/9/2010 5:11:20 PM , Rating: 2
Lets not forget that profit margins are just as important as sales volume. Moving towards the #1 volume position isn't necessarily equated to soaring profits -- particularly when cheapazoid netbook computers account for a lot of your volume.

Case in point... 1H2010 financials:

Revenue = $9.7B
Operating Income = $0.26B (2.7% of revenue)
Profit after Tax (PAT) = $0.21B (2.2% of revenue)

Revenue = $29B
Operating Income = $8.7B (30% of revenue)
PAT = $6.5B (22.4% of revenue)

I realize that there are other factors that may have driven down Acer's metrics, but the difference in profit margins are HUGE.

RE: value?
By Penti on 9/12/2010 10:55:16 PM , Rating: 2
Well they spun off their manufacturing arm a long time ago. They still own a large part of it though. But Acer is a smaller company, and sells more pcs. If they wouldn't have spun everything off and managed to keep afloat they might have had 50 000 employees or something. But Acer don't have an iPhone :)

RE: value?
By Azure Sky on 9/13/2010 12:46:46 PM , Rating: 2
you fail to note something else tho, apple isnt just a PC company, they also sell iphones, ipads, ipods(phones,large pmp's, small pmp's)

on all apple devices you pay the apple tax, look at the new nano, $150 for 8gb that does LESS then the previous model, no video support, no cam, and a utterly horrible 1" touch screen interface(who the hell wants to use a 1" touch screen?)

So to sum up....
By Tony Swash on 9/11/2010 10:30:01 AM , Rating: 1
So to sum up....

The consensus view amongst the commentators around here is as follows:

Apple's products are poor quality crap
(even though they consistently top all surveys of customer satisfaction)

Apple is not innovative
(even though every other tech maker, including Google with Android, fall over themselves in trying to copy everything Apple does)

There is nothing special about Apple hardware except the box
(even though Apple are the only company that has consistently delivered integrated software and hardware)

Apple's success is because Steve Jobs is alive and not dead
(even though when he was incapacitated for over a year with a severe life threatening illness the company did just fine)

Apple are bound to fail
(even though they have been around longer than almost anybody else in the business, more or less invented the personal computer, have entered, disrupted and achieved huge success in three entirely new markets in the last decade and are currently the most financially successful and admired (by their peers) tech company)

Thanks guys for all your profound insights.

With all that silly guff out of the way perhaps we can return to discussing the real world where it turns out things are stranger, more interesting and more complex than this sort of bland, tedious nonsense.

RE: So to sum up....
By Azure Sky on 9/13/2010 12:44:02 PM , Rating: 2
the hardware used inside for example a mac/powermac is lower quality then equivalent pc builds(price equivalent) I know, I have built systems higher quality with the same specs as power mac's, Apple uses boards made by foxconn, psu's they get from the lowist bidder(like any other oem) their ram tends to be the same stuff used in low end budget boxes, nothing special at all, hell their optical drives where worse then dell's sony drives for a while...

also note that you could sell most of the people taking those customer satisfaction surveys a brick with an apple logo on it and they would say it was the best and so was do i know...iphone4...

Apple dont innovate, they evolve on other peoples designes/ideas, Just like most other companies, the dif is their marketing, its truly viral, and their "aesthetics" are "pleasing" (i will admit some of their designs have looked neet/pretty, but i wouldnt pay more for one)

steve never did let go of the reins of apple even when he was very ill, hes a control freak(part of why he got fired the first time) st.steve can do no wrong in the eyes if AFB's despite the fact that HE is the one who told them to go ahead with the iphone4 design after more then 1 engineer came directly to him and warned him that the antenna design was seriously flawed.

apple will eventually fail, as do all large companies, nations, exct, tho what people mean by this normally is that apple will piss off enough customers that they will fail to hold their market share.

when steve dies or retires(he will likely die first) apple will endup loosing its way again, steve FORCES HIS WILL on all products the company makes, thats why the i7 macbook's overheat, its why older apple devices would show heat distortion on the casings, its why the iToaster (cube) overheated, steve is VERY VERY much about form OVER function, had they added a SMALL fan to most of their designs(a silent one) it would have made a huge dif heat wise...

Also note I have had to repair a bunch of old g3 and g4 powermac's because they cooked themselves thanks to all passive cooling...(apple was more then happy to sell me boards and cpu's to repair them even offered a discount if we needed to replace them again)

RE: So to sum up....
By Tony Swash on 9/13/2010 2:15:01 PM , Rating: 1
All you have done is repeat the same nonsensical guff I was making fun of.

To listen to a lot of people around here Apple's stunning successes this last decade have been some sort of weird fluke.

The best bit of your comment was this gem

also note that you could sell most of the people taking those customer satisfaction surveys a brick with an apple logo on it and they would say it was the best and so was do i know...iphone4...

You say Apple kit is crap. The best objective measure of this, the many surveys of customer satisfaction, consistently show people like Apple kit compared to its competitors. You draw the conclusion that people are either deluded or stupid. have you heard of Occam's Razor?

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.
  - John Cage

By chrish89 on 9/9/2010 5:05:40 PM , Rating: 3

Stock growth for past 5 years:
Apple: 400%
Acer: 50%

Whining seems to be Acer's only option...

By DKantUno on 9/9/2010 4:53:31 PM , Rating: 2
That sounds oddly similar to "Obama is the devil-incarnate!" What such kind of rhetoric unfortunately does is take the focus away from ACTUAL issues plaguing the subject (ie, Obama or Apple) and makes everyone that's not a fanboy (ie Republicans or nerds of sound mind) look like jokers. Which should never, EVER happen.

And one certainly expects more from a top-tier executive for godssake. Sheesh. Pathetic.

By Ardan on 9/10/2010 12:05:23 AM , Rating: 2
These apple news articles never fail to amuse me. It isn't the content of the articles, but merely everyone's comments on here and some other tech news sites as well. I am neutral on the matter, for the record. I am a DIY enthusiast as well, but I know there are people out there not like me that would like Apple's usability, and I am okay with that. Plus, there are many people out there that do like Apple's designs that would hate a black case with a window. Just because you people don't like it, doesn't mean anyone that likes their designs are idiots. They just have different tastes than you do. It is almost reminiscent of my neighbors dogs, whom bark furiously every time a particular person walks down the street. They bark at everyone, but its this ONE person that (for reasons unknown) they go crazy over. Anytime an Apple article is posted on the net, *SOME* (not all) enthusiasts foam at the mouth, lol.

I didn't really notice anyone claiming to not care about apple, though I didn't read many of the comments. That is a good thing, because nobody can really say that when they carefully construct many comments bashing anything Apple-related. Seriously, some enthusiasts out there need to just accept the fact that Apple will always be out there and will have a market. It is better to just accept it rather than develop that ulcer while stressing over their products that you hate with such passion that would make Emperor Palpatine smile with pride. I, of course, am not talking about every comment here or enthusiasts in general, but merely a portion of them. I'm sure someone will find a reason to get mad at me too, but that's okay. I don't mind, because I wasn't debating anything. Just merely pointing something out that always amuses me.

<no subject>
By Scabies on 9/9/2010 12:43:41 PM , Rating: 1
Wow. That wasn't taken out of context at all.

iPad sales
By melgross on 9/9/10, Rating: -1
RE: iPad sales
By marvdmartian on 9/9/2010 3:29:54 PM , Rating: 2
I'd find it much more likely that the Fruity One will come out with "iPad 2", which will include one or two "magical" features......that should have been included in the original iPad, but thanks to his holiness, will now be given to his minions, with no change in the price of the iPad (unless the RAISE the price!!).

RE: iPad sales
By T2k on 9/9/10, Rating: 0
RE: iPad sales
By JakLee on 9/9/2010 6:20:30 PM , Rating: 1
What about the Archos Pad - they have 7in & 10.1in models that are less money and have the advantage of not being locked into Apple's OS.

RE: iPad sales
By finbarqs on 9/9/2010 7:14:36 PM , Rating: 2
I predict that Apple will eventually take over PC sales, and that PC sales will only be limited to Hardcore Gamers.

Here's a list of facts on why I think this way:

In the beginning,

*Girls hate technology

*Apple sees this and decides to make their products more "female friendly"

*Girls Loves Technology! (As long as it's an Apple)

*Boys love girls

*Boys are the ones who deal with technology

*all other idiots in the world, will go to apple.

*Tech guys, will hate their girl-less lives, and decide to go apple because "it just works".

*gamers will never touch an apple, because apple can't get gaming right

100 to 20 percent?
By headbox on 9/9/10, Rating: -1
RE: 100 to 20 percent?
By raumkrieger on 9/9/2010 1:17:53 PM , Rating: 3
The fact that it doesn't have a competitor yet is why it's going to fail long-term. With no competition they have no reason to improve their product.

I give Apple much credit for creating demand where there is none, and for having a very well-paid marketing team.

RE: 100 to 20 percent?
By chick0n on 9/9/2010 1:43:38 PM , Rating: 5
The problem here is that Apple retards ... I mean fanboys/girls don't cared if Apple never update their products. As long as it has that Fruit logo on the shell they will just line up in front of the store like an idiot to buy it. Even it has no advantage or whatsoever.

Thats how sad Apple fans are. EAT IT.

RE: 100 to 20 percent?
By RugMuch on 9/9/2010 1:44:21 PM , Rating: 2
Do you people know the phrase there is "no such thing as a free lunch"?

If waste your money on Apple you can't use your money on hookers and mouth wash. You know to get the hooker spit out of your mouth.

RE: 100 to 20 percent?
By DotNetGuru on 9/9/2010 7:27:02 PM , Rating: 2
I'm only going to say this once...
Never kiss a hooker.

RE: 100 to 20 percent?
By Tony Swash on 9/9/2010 2:30:59 PM , Rating: 1
The fact that it doesn't have a competitor yet is why it's going to fail long-term. With no competition they have no reason to improve their product.

I have to congratulate you - that really did make me laugh out loud.

Apple is doomed - doooomed I say.

Just wait until you see iPad version 2.

RE: 100 to 20 percent?
By Alexstarfire on 9/9/2010 4:40:16 PM , Rating: 2
Same here.... seeing as how tablets were around long before the iPad was even an idea. There is no way they ever had or will have 100% marketshare. Could be 99.999999% for all I know, but it still isn't 100%. No competition is a joke. Yes, there aren't any iPad like tablets out there, but so what.

IMO the iPad isn't really a tablet... it's a big PMP with the ability to use the internet. It plays games, videos, music, eBooks, and can read email/webpages. What else is it really used for? Sure, you could technically use it for office work, but it's a super poor platform for that type of work. Even pretty crappy for sending emails.

RE: 100 to 20 percent?
By FredEx on 9/10/2010 3:41:17 AM , Rating: 2
One thing I find funny is the size of all these items. Small stuff was OLD, so lets make it bigger and bigger (Laptops for example). Then they have gone back, iPads, tiny cell phones you could hardly hold and Netbooks, they are smaller, don't be a doofus and use that large stuff you could actually read a whole letter on, that is soooo last year. Now watch, the iPads will start growing, the cell phones have gotten bigger and so on and so on and...........

Apple does this more than anybody. Look at the Nano, I'm surprised they did not make a Nano Nano that you stuck in your ear and used your nose as a joystick. Then they had the laptops with the huge screens, but don't lug those anymore, get this iPhone or iPad now. Look at the desktops, the small all in ones to the Power PCs with 30" cinema display. I was next expecting the 52" display before they moved on to the perfect Apple display, the *iMAX*.

Apple would have the sheep buying every dang one of them. Then rather than get what they have upgaded, they'd have to get the next version with improved hardware...such as the iPhone to now the iPhone 4. I want a iDon'tGiveaSh**AboutUpgradingHardware@EachStep

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere." -- Isaac Asimov

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