AT&T expects to roll out the new service to 50 additional markets throughout 2013

AT&T is looking to launch its Digital Life services to eight markets this March, which will allow customers to control certain aspects of their home while away.

AT&T Digital Life is an all-digital wireless home security and automation service that allows customers to control their home thermostats, cameras, locks, energy use, etc. from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The service, which has a control panel developed by Cisco, can be used by those with any carrier or broadband provider. Its control features include cameras, window/door sensors, door locks, thermostats, moisture detection, water shut-off, appliance/lighting controls and smoke/carbon monoxide/motion/glass break sensors.

"AT&T Digital Life is a game-changing wireless centric home security and automation experience with its unique integration and an intuitive app to control every feature from your smartphone, tablet or PC,” said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president, AT&T Digital Life.  “Combined with AT&T’s wireless network and unparalleled distribution channels, Digital Life will offer exciting new innovation. We can’t wait to get it into the hands of our customers.”

AT&T Digital Life provides two different packages: the Simple Security package and the Smart Security package. Both offer 24/7 monitoring and mobile controls, but those with the Smart Security package can also select an additional video package, energy package, door package or water packages for advanced features.

AT&T expects to roll out the new service to 50 additional markets throughout 2013. It initially announced Digital Life in May 2012 and tested the system in a series of trials last summer in Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas.

Source: AT&T

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