It allows for voice calling, direct messaging and location services

AT&T is helping parents keep tabs on their kids through a new wearable that acts as a tracking device.

AT&T said it partnered with Filip Technologies to bring the device -- called FiLIP -- to AT&T customers. The carrier also said it will be the exclusive network provider for FiLIP. 

FiLIP is a wearable device that allows parents to keep an eye on their kids through the touch of a smartphone. Through the app, a parent can call, direct message or see the location of their child wearing the device. 

“FiLIP is exactly the type of device for which we formed the Emerging Devices team at AT&T.  Filip Technologies is taking wearable device innovation in a new direction – going beyond the smart watch to solve a real problem for parents and make their lives easier,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Emerging Devices, AT&T Mobility.

Parents have full power through features like choosing five other trusted contacts in which the child can communicate with using FiLIP, and setting Safe Zones where parents will receive a notification if their child enters or leaves a designated area. If anything goes wrong, there's an emergency procedure to locate a child and put them in touch with their family.

Wearables are said to be the next big thing in tech, as companies like Apple and Microsoft prepare offerings featuring their respective operating systems. In fact, Samsung was first to the market with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. But it remains to be seen whether children will want to wear FiLIP if it's just a communication device between them and their parents (however, it does come in four colors and looks like a regular watch). 

Source: AT&T

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