Official AT&T unlock made much simpler

If you're the owner of the iPhone that is no longer on contract and want to officially unlock your device, AT&T has added a new page to make the process easy. The company has a new online form that makes the process of getting your device officially unlocked very easy if you meet specific conditions. 
The conditions include in that you must be a current or former AT&T customer, and the iPhone has to be an AT&T branded model. That means no using AT&T's form to unlock Verizon or Sprint iPhones. Other stipulations include that the contract associated with the phone must've been completed, and the phone can't be reported stolen. Presumably, if you paid your early termination fee and left before your contract term expired, you'll be able to unlock your device.
AT&T will also unlock the iPhone for military personnel with proof of active deployment. AT&T will only unlock five iPhones per account (per year) to prevent people from taking advantage of the service to ship gray market phones overseas.
According to reports, it takes from 5 to 7 days for AT&T to complete the unlocking process.
AT&T first agreed to begin unlocking iPhones last April.

Sources: PhoneArena, AT&T

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