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Too bad the FCC's not on board...

You don't have to be a DailyTech reader or technology buff to have heard about Google and Verizon's proposal to set the framework of net neutrality. The issue has gotten considerable play in the national media, in addition to the tech blogs. (Just in case you have no idea, you can read our overview here, the full two-page proposal here, and a review of the document from the Electronic Frontier Foundation here).

In our coverage of this story, we asked whether other players like AT&T and Microsoft would sit quietly by while Verizon and Google attempt to steer the nation's internet policy. That was answered yesterday morning, when AT&T Mobility President and CEO Ralph De la Vega offered his support for his competitor's proposal, FierceWireless reports.

While speaking at a media and technology conference in Boston, De la Vega told the audience that the Google/Verizon proposal "is good for the industry and indicates that two companies from different industries can come together on a difficult issue."

It's interesting that the two companies were able to forge the document together, given their disagreements on net neutrality in the past

Net neutrality has been a hot topic for years, but has received more pointed attention since a federal court ruled that the Federal Communications Committee could not stop Comcast from throttling traffic.

The FCC has since issued a statement that was dismissive of the Google/Verizon proposal. The regulatory body is in the process of crafting its own net neutrality proposal that it plans to bring before Congress.

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs

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