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The entire Phase Two build-out is expected to be completed by this summer

New Yorkers will see AT&T’s wireless voice and data service expanded to more New York City subway stations. 

AT&T announced that it has expanded its contract with Transit Wireless, which will place AT&T’s wireless voice and data service on Transit Wireless’ network in 242 additional underground New York City subway stations. 

As of right now, AT&T's service is available in six stations from the Initial Build in Chelsea as well as 30 stations in mid-town Manhattan from Phase 1 of the project.

AT&T wants to bring 3G and 4G LTE service to Phase 2 of the project, which is made up of 40 stations. This includes 11 stations in mid-town Manhattan (including Grand Central Terminal, 34th St. Herald Square and Bryant Park) and all 29 underground stations in the borough of Queens.

AT&T is currently installing equipment in Transit Wireless’ secure Base Station Hotel facilities to make Phase 2 happen. The entire Phase Two build-out is expected to be completed by this summer.

“New Yorkers want to be connected to the things that matter to them most. That’s why AT&T was one of the first providers to offer our customers access to wireless connectivity in the New York subway system,” said Thomas DeVito, vice president and general manager at AT&T Mobility. “This network extension will allow AT&T to continue to deliver a best in class voice and 4G LTE data experience for our customers underground beyond the 36 stations where it is available today.”

Source: Business Wire

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How about MBTA next?
By datdamonfoo on 4/10/2014 5:43:14 PM , Rating: 2
Specifically between Davis and Harvard.

RE: How about MBTA next?
By CK804 on 4/10/2014 6:18:06 PM , Rating: 2
I get good reception at Porter. AFAIK, most, if not all, of the tunnels in the MBTA subway system have cell service.

RE: How about MBTA next?
By datdamonfoo on 4/11/2014 8:53:28 AM , Rating: 2
Do you use AT&T? I get reception in some spots at Porter, but never when I'm actually in the train. And Davis' reception is extremely weak.

RE: How about MBTA next?
By tng on 4/11/2014 10:25:54 AM , Rating: 3
Funny, I would have thought that NYC subway system would have almost continuous coverage in most places. Verizon is so big in the Northeast that you would think that they would have it covered.

BART in the SF Bay area has ATT coverage almost everywhere that I ride it, including underground and under the bay.

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