The change from Xpress 200 to Xpress 1600 was noted just a few days ago - Image courtesy
Manufacturers begin to make the transition from Xpress 200 to Xpress 1600

David Legrand from writes to tell us that ATI has quietly changed the name of RD480, Xpress 200, to Xpress 1600 (English).  ASUS has already started changing the specifications on some motherboards from Xpress 200 to read Xpress 1600. 

The change from Xpress 200 to Xpress 1600 was fairly well documented in ATI desktop roadmaps.  The Xpress 1600 is supposed to correlate to the PCIe lanes between the PEG adaptors. Xpress 3200, previously known as RD580, is ATI's best-of-breed core logic that uses 32 PCIe lanes between the two graphics adaptors. 

Xpress 1600 can use the RD480, RD481 or RD482 silicon and still be considered "Xpress 1600." However, it is important to keep in mind that Xpress 1600 is not really a step up from Xpress 200 -- it is the same chip.

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