ASUS Z170-WS  (Source: ASUS)
Here is a motherboard that boasts energy efficiency, fan controls, digital power control and CPU performance boost.

This motherboard features the industry’s most durable 12K solid capacitors. ASUS was the first company in the world to use these highly durable Japanese-made capacitors.  The performance on these capacitors is rated at 12K hours at 105 °C and 1.2M hours at 65 °C.

Photo Source: ASUS
So what is a capacitor good for? It is all about the power. The most common use for capacitors on motherboards is for conditioning power and making it available to the components. When you run applications that require loads of power such as extreme graphics games, your capacitors become drained and components lose power. This may often result in a freezing screen or shutting down of the PC.  A good capacitor keeps a constant conditioned power supply to components.

The Z170-WS supports the superior graphics needs of medical research, design and modeling, and rendering. There is support for one click fine tuning which includes overclocking and cooling for greater performance and efficiency. You get full control of all performance boosts.

Photo Source: ASUS
The ASUS Z170-WS has exclusive technology that dynamically optimizes important features of your system based on real-time use. so you get superb CPU performance, everyday energy savings, ultra-stable digital power, cool and quiet fans and even networking and audio settings that are tailored for the apps that you are using.

What does that mean for you? Games runs seamlessly, graphics run smoothly and your system has excellent performance under heavy tasking. Your capacitors are rated high above daily computing, so you operate at increase efficiency.

High-end computing generates heat, but not to worry with this motherboard. It provides superior cooling and fine tuning via the Turbo App with allows for user customization and optimization.

Sources: ASUS, Computer Heaven

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