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  (Source: matbe)
The Asus Eee PC lineup expands to include a desktop model

DailyTech reported in late January that ASUS was hard at work on a desktop variant of its popular Eee PC sub-notebook. The original Eee PC turned out to be the surprise hit of 2007 and the company has already announced its Eee PC 900 successor.

ASUS is looking to cash in on that success with its new desktop PC which is called the "Digital Home System EP20". However, right below the name of the device on the ASUS placard is the familiar "Easy to Play ; Easy to Learn ; Easy to Work" catchphrase which places the EP20 squarely in Eee PC territory.

Hard specs on the devices are hard to come by, but ASUS notes that the device is much smaller than typical than typical desktops and that it has "good enough performance". Other niceties include Hi-Fi Stereo and Dolby Digital Live support. Also noteworthy is the fact that the EP20 will soldier on with the Eee PC Linux operating system (which is based on Xandros Linux).

Those looking to use the machine as an HTPC will be glad to know that the EP20 only emits 24 db of noise when running.

Things are less clear when it comes to the EP20's hardware specifications. ASUS said back in January that the initial versions of the desktop Eee PC would chip with Celeron processors, while later versions would employ Diamondville. As we all know now, Diamondville is known as Intel Atom, so the EP20 will likely get both single-core and dual-core version of Intel's new low-power processor.

ASUS said that the desktop-based Eee PC would start at $199 which is quite optimistic for a fully functioning desktop PC, but expect to see pricing closer to the $299 mark when it eventually hits the market during the second quarter.

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