ASUS Eee PC 701  (Source: ASUS)
Coming to a retailer near you next month

ASUS plans to begin shipment of its Internet-centric Eee PC UMPC next month, according to an ASUS representative. The company plans to ship the Eee PC to the US, Europe, China and Taiwan in various specifications. ASUS aims to ship 20,000 units in its initial shipment, but plans to top 500,000 units this year. The company predicts an increase of 3-5 million units in 2008.

ASUS previously announced the Eee PC 701 last June during Computex 2007. The small UMPC features an Intel processor and chipset with a 7-inch display, 10/100 Ethernet, 56k modem, 802.11b/g wireless, 512MB DDR2-400 and an integrated webcam. The device makes use of solid-state memory with 4GB, 8GB or 16GB capacities. ASUS claims around 4 hours of battery life from a 4-cell battery with the Eee PC 701.

ASUS plans to ship four different models at $199, $239, $349 and $369 USD price points. ASUS targets the $349 variant towards mainstream markets. The $349 model will make up most of the initial shipments of the Eee PC.

Expect the ASUS Eee PC to begin shipping in the middle of September.

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