ARM says that netbooks and MIDs are a natural evolution for the company

The top dog in the netbook and mobile internet device (MID) market as far as CPUs go right now is hands down Intel's Atom CPU. The Atom powers the vast majority of netbook systems on the market. Other CPU makers have their eyes on the netbook market, which is one of the best performing and fastest growing segments in the computer industry.

Laptop Magazine reports that ARM has plans to enter into the netbook and MID category with its processors. ARM's processors already power mobile devices that are optimized for performance and power savings. One of the most popular devices to run an ARM processor is the iPhone. Intel recently criticized the ARM processor used in the iPhone calling it slow.

According to Laptop, ARM feels that moving into the netbook and MID category is a natural evolution for the company. ARM has an architecture that is already delivering optimized web browsing, high-quality video and low power demands in mobile phones.

ARM director of strategic software alliances Kerry McGuire told Laptop, "Our platform can provide not only high performance but all-day battery life and advanced video functionality. We can provide maximum power saving."

Possibly the biggest issue ARM will have to contend with are operating system choices its CPU architecture offers. ARM is readying an Ubuntu Linux ARM distribution that could power a netbook. The catch is that some netbook manufacturers say that return rates for machines running Linux are much higher than return rates for those running Windows.

ARM points out that its CPUs have a history of working with Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

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