AMD grabs 21.4% of the x86 market in Q4 2005

AMD is now pushing past 20% marketshare with no signs of slowdown according to numbers from Mercury Research. The Sunnyvale company was able to grab 21.4% of the market for the fourth quarter, up from 17.7% in the third quarter. The increase is one of AMD largest gains in recent memory and is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Broken down by sector, AMD captured 24.3% of the desktop market, 15.1% of the notebook market and 16.4% of the server market. The company's overall marketshare for all of 2005 was 18.2% which represents a 2.5 point increase from the year before.

Dean McCarron of Mercury Research states: "Basically, I think the fundamental difference between AMD today and AMD two years ago [when the company had a lower market share] is that it has competitive product offerings in every segment. Because [AMD] has something to sell, they're selling it."

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