AMD's 2x256KB chip may only be a specialty part

A few days ago we reported on a new Athlon 64 dual-core processor with 2x256KB of L2 cache. Although this processor is essentially "Sempron X2," it is marketed as a very low bin Athlon 64 X2 instead.

In a memo sent between AMD employees and an APAC distributor, one AMD employee states the company has no plans on the roadmap to release the chip in the US. As we stated earlier, there is probably a strong likelihood that the Athlon 64 3600+ 2x256KB chip will remain an OEM processor for a very small region or a specific retailer. 

We've seen this sort of one-off binning before, like with the GeForce 7900GS that only appeared at Dell.  The Socket 939 Semprons only appeared only at a few system builders in the US as well.

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