AMD is reported to be ready to launch a dual-core Neo for the Congo platform in the second half of 2009

AMD showed off a new platform at CES called Yukon that featured a new single-core Athlon Neo processor. The HP machine featuring the platform was very thin (think MacBook Air) and looked fantastic. HP is set to begin shipping the notebook in 2009.

EWeek reports that AMD will also be fielding a dual-core version of its Neo processor that will be part of the Congo platform. Congo and the dual-core Neo are reportedly set to launch later in 2009. Congo will be a platform for new types of ultraportable laptops. AMD was very clear in meetings at CES that the Neo was not for the netbook market.

AMD reps said it would cede the netbook market to Intel and focus on notebooks with more performance and functionality starting at around $600. EWeek reports that AMD's Phil Hughes wrote in an email that the dual-core Neo processor would be code named Conesus and will launch in the second half of 2009. No hints of a specific launch date or the performance of the chip was offered by Hughes.

The single core version of the Neo in the aforementioned HP notebook runs at 1.6GHz. That may sound very similar to the Intel Atom N270, but AMD assures that the processor is capable of offering a premium computing experience, whereas the Atom is not. The Neo processors will find a home inside notebooks with screens ranging from 12 to 14-inches.

The Congo platform is reported to take advantage of the dual-core Neo and AMDs own RS780M chipset featuring the SB710 Southbridge. The thermal envelope for the single-core Neo is 15-watts and eWeek says AMD will stick to that thermal envelope when the dual-core Neo debuts. The HP system shown at CES was completely passive cooled to help keep noise and size to a minimum.

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