Reported; If you purchase a 6 or 8 core AMD FX TM processor then you will receive free Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation game code.

You will get more with AMD FXTM, the modern game engine with AMD FXTM, featuring up to eight cores processor, DirectX® 12 delivers high quality performance on multi- core CPUs.  The best part is that the AMD FXTM, processor boasts the highest clocks that one could get on desktop PC with at lest twice the cores of others with almost the same –priced. 


Also there is no restriction and the control is yours: all AMD FXTM processors are unlocked clock multiplier that you can not find in competing products, users could exercise a highly configurable power and performance through AMD OverDrive TM software. This promotion Period ends on May 7,2017 or when supply of key Codes is exhausted, whichever comes first.


It is reported by the company that Eligible AMD product or System Integrator system containing Eligible AMS Product must be purchased during the Campaign Period. The AMD Unique ID must be redeemed by July 7,2017 to obtain Application downloads after which the AMD Unique ID is void.  For more information and Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for more details.



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 AMD FXTM, 9590 with highest nominal 4.7GHz and turbo 5.0GHz is fastest processor CPUs with incredible performance. Where the Intel’s faster CPU, the i7-4790K, has only 4.0 GHz nominal and 4.4 GHz max turbo clock rate. For more information you could see, for competing models. AMD FXTM 9000 series CPUs has the same price as 8000 series




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