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AMD Live! Home Cinema prototype
AMD's Live! now with an integrated 5-channel amplifier

AMD kicked off the week by announcing its latest AMD Live! Home Cinema. AMD Live! Home Cinema systems attempt to consolidate home theater and PC functions into a single set top box. Functionality of Home Cinema systems include video, music and photo display, TV viewing and recording, viewing internet content, physical media (DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray), ability to export video to portable media devices and streaming capabilities.

MSI is providing Live! Home Cinema reference platforms to system manufacturers such as Alienware. The MSI Media Live BVI is the barebones behind Alienware’s upcoming Hanger Live! Home Cinema system.

Underneath the covers of the MSI Media Live BVI is an NVIDIA GeForce 6150LE integrated graphics core paired with the nForce 430. It supports socket AM2 processors and DDR2 533/667/800 MHz memory with a 4GB maximum limit. The integrated graphics core supports HDMI video output with support for HDCP content protection. There’s also one PCI expansion slot for peripherals such as a TV tuner.

MSI has also equipped the Media Live BVI with an integrated 5-channel amplifier. The integrated amplifier is capable of delivering 100-watts of power to each channel. Nevertheless, the internal Class D amplifier has a dedicated 45-amp rail to ensure power delivery. Disappointingly, it is unknown what the total harmonic distortion of the integrated amplifier is. While the internal amplifier powers the front, center and surround sound speakers, users will have to have a powered subwoofer to experience 5.1-surround sound.

Expect AMD Live! Home Cinema systems to arrive in the near future with prices beginning around $999.99.

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