Plans are already in place with local government officials but AMD did not confirm it was proceeding

According to several reports, AMD is in plans with the State of New York to build a new fabrication facility. Luther Forest, occupying 1,350 acres in the towns of Malta and Stillwater, is home to a technology park that's under review for a major project. According to local officials, plans are already in place for preparation of a large chip manufacturing facility, although when asked directly, officials declined to give details on who the company might be and when this all might occur.

AMD is in the top spot for a place in Luther Forest right now, and is actually expected to spend more than $3.5 billion to build a brand new chip fab in the area. The plant is also expected to hold more than 1000 employees. AMD itself is already in the New York area, as well as partners such as IBM. Having a long time presence in New York, IBM already has an operational chip fab located in east Fishkill. The location at Luther Forest however, has enough free space to launch up to four separate fabs. Reports also said that local government officials are hammering out plans to create funding for a potential AMD fab. Sewage, electrical and other utility resources are in the works.

AMD officials have said that there are no plans in place for a new chip fab facility and have also declined to say whether or not the company was actually in talks with local officials of New York state. AMD recently however, decided that it would invest roughly $2.5 billion in Germany, to upgrade its existing fabs in Dresden. Although no official word from AMD was given to confirm the existence of the NY fab project, it is expected that if there is one, it would take roughly 2.5 years to complete. Both Texas Instruments and Samsung were eyeing the Luther Forest area for chip manufacturing but later decided to build facilities closer to corporate headquarters located elsewhere.

During AMD's Analysis Day event that took place last week, many technology and hardware announcements were made but the company did not comment on expansion details in the US.

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