Sensors could lay the groundwork for self-driving cars and other projects

One of the most traveled highways in the UK is set to become Britain's very first internet-connected roadway. The A14 will be embedded with sensors along a 50-mile stretch to monitor traffic in collaboration with BT, the Department of Transportation, and a Cambridge startup called Neul. Those sensors will be able to send signals to and from mobile phones in vehicles.

The internet-connected road is also said to be a project that could be paving the way for other projects, such as self-driving cars.

Self-driving cars could be the "endgame" with the A14

The technology used for the smart roadway will use whitespace between television channels to broadcast its data. Ofcom approved the project on Wednesday as part of its blueprint for how digital spectrum will be used in the UK.

"Sensors in cars and on the roads monitor the build-up of congestions and wirelessly send this information to a central traffic control system, which automatically imposes variable speed limits that smooth the flow of traffic," Ofcom said.
"This system could also communicate directly with cars, directing them along diverted routes to avoid the congestion and even managing their speed."

Sensors placed in roads could one day be used to override the driver and impose maximum speeds on vehicles by controlling the brakes and throttle position. 

Source: The Guardian

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