According to news reports, Google filed a patent for a baseball cap that intergraded technology into.

The patent granted on Feb 28 describes a hat –and-camera system that offers users and interactive experience for social media purposes, and it can also be used for personal safety, reported Silicon Beat. According to the patent filing reported Silicon Beat, “at an emergency situation user can activate the wearable camera system to transmit a video deed to an appropriate emergency handling system, potentially deterring a dangerous person near the user.”

Along with the patent for the Hat, has ‘camera bracelet’ that show a digital screen and two camera lenses, but application details were not included in the patent application.  


Another wearable device that equipped with camera are the sunglasses that recently became available online. These sunglasses integrated with camera lenses and wireless technology that allow users to upload their point of view directly to Snap’s social app, according to the tech company.


720p HD Covert Weatherproof DVR Video Recording sunglasses: Cover undetectable pinhole camera with a quality sensor and built –in Microphone with noise cancelling comes with 8,16,32 or 64GB of Memory, which operates on one button. Press 1 button the glasses start recording automatically.


There are others in the market with more Memory and wider-angle lens

such as 1080p HD Ultra- wide 147º Wide Angle lens with Video Recording DVR Sunglasses with Memory of up to 128GB.


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