Sony's profits up thanks to digital cameras and video games

The PlayStation 3 had a bumpy start early in its life, but things are finally starting to smooth out for Sony. The Japanese electronics company posted a 6 percent rise in its quarterly operating profit, citing strong digital camera and video game sales. Overall, Sony Corp. said that its net income in Q3 rose 25 percent to $1.9 billion, with sales up 9.6 percent.

Hot sellers throughout the holidays were Cybershot digital cameras, Handycam camcorders and VAIO computers.

The Sony Computer Entertainment division finally turned a profit for the first time since the PS3 debut, thanks in large part to the reduction in manufacturing cost of the PlayStation 3. The drop in costs allowed Sony to cut the price of the console, further enticing new consumers to purchase the system.

Throughout the holiday quarter, Sony Computer Entertainment managed to sell an estimated 4.9 million PlayStation 3 console worldwide. Despite strong sales of the company’s latest console, Sony cut its sales PS3 target for fiscal year from 11 million to 9.5 million units.

Sales of PlayStation Portable, however, exceeded Sony’s expectations. The company is now revising its sales projection to 13 million from 10 million.

Sony steadily trimmed itself down for a return to its core business: consumer electronics. On April 1, the company plans to complete the transfer of its chip-making facilities to Toshiba, though Sony intends to remain involved in the production of the chips powering the PlayStation 3.

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