Blue box sales are nearly doubling red box sales  (Source: Warner Home Video)
Many more Spartans marching on Blu-ray Disc

Warner was proud to announce last week that its CGI-heavy film “300” is the fastest selling high-definition movie yet. What the movie studio did not reveal was the breakdown between the two formats.

Market research firms, however, were glad to share their findings of the exact split between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD version of “300.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, sales charts from Nielsen VideoScan First Alert put the Blu-ray Disc product outselling its HD DVD counterpart by roughly 2-to-1.

The split between the versions closely follow the current market trend of there being twice as many Blu-ray discs sold as compared to HD DVD.

Despite the sales being greater for the Blu-ray version, it is the HD DVD product that is the more feature-laden of the two. Found only on the HD DVD version is the “Bluescreen Picture-in-Picture Version” of the film and other web-enabled features.

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