Halo 3 maps coming, House of the Dead for Wii, and more

For the multi-console owner, this week is pure insanity. An upcoming edition of The Shipping News for Games will outline exactly which games will be commanding gamer dollars, but Rock Band, Unreal Tournament III, Mass Effect and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune are just a few.

Super Mario Galaxy is Best Rated Game of All Time
Well, according to Game Ranking’s average of published reviews, Super Mario Galaxy has surpassed the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as the top rated game of all time. While the collection of reviews differ greatly from each game being nine years apart, Super Mario Galaxy also stands above The Orange Box, Metroid Prime and Resident Evil 4. Needless to say, the consensus is that once again, Mario is the best game for the Nintendo Wii.

House of the Dead 2, 3 Confirmed for Wii
Perhaps stirred by the Wii Remote shooter Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Sega confirmed that it will be bringing both second and third games from the House of the Dead series to Nintendo’s home console. The Wii Zapper just got a bit more attractive.

PlayStation 3 Development Kit Price Drop
It seems consumers aren’t the only ones getting a price break on PlayStation 3 hardware. In hopes of attracting more developers to develop for its consoles, Sony halved the price of the PlayStation 3 development kit. The “PlayStation 3 Reference Tool” will now be available for 950,000 yen in Japan, $10,250 USD in North America and 7500 Euros in Europe.

Halo 3 “Heroic” Map Pack Coming December 11
The first major DLC for Halo 3 will hit in a few weeks, setting buyers back 800 Microsoft Points, or $10. Of course, not everyone will purchase the new maps, which could potentially splinter the current online community.

Not to worry, says Bungie: “First, when downloadable content arrives, it will have its own playlist for those folks who just want to play with their new toys. Simultaneously all of the DLC maps will be rolled in to the regular Matchmaking playlists as well and then as folks are getting matched up, the game will take into account who has what maps in the matchmaking process. So you'll see Team Slayer on Standoff show up in the Team Slayer hopper as well as in the new DLC-focused playlist.”

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