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DailyTech's roundup of hardware reviews from around the web for Tuesday

IN WIN Maelstrom @ OCC

Samsung LN55B650T1F 55-Inch LCD HDTV @ Futurelooks
LG 50PS7000 Plasma TV @ Trusted Reviews
HP DreamScreen 100 @ Digital Trends

MSI NF980-G65 Motherboard @ TechwareLabs

Coolermaster Mouse Pad Roundup @ XSReviews
Razer Orochi Mouse & Kabuto Mouse Pad @ Bjorn3D

BlackBerry Storm 2 @ Digital Trends

Straight Power BQT e7-450W @ Technic3D

Kingston SSDNow V Series 40Gb @ BigBruin
Axus FiT 300 RAID Storage @ CCE Reviews

Video Cards
Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 1GB @ ThinkComputers
Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 Vapor X @ Bjorn3D
AMD Radeon HD 5870 1GB @ Elite Bastards
HIS Radeon HD 4850 iCooler 1GB @ Tweaknews
Zotac GeForce GT 240 AMP! Edition @ HotHardware

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ATI 5850
By bighairycamel on 11/17/2009 3:29:07 PM , Rating: 2
I am beginning to think I'm going to have to start my own tech review site to get my hands on one of these things. They pop up on EBay but with price gouging.

Apparently the issue is low yield.

RE: ATI 5850
By KingstonU on 11/17/2009 4:08:15 PM , Rating: 2
My understanding is that it's not only that. Another aspect is that 5870 and 5850 both use the exact same Cypress chip, and that 5850's are only made out of chips that do not pass requirements for 5870 performance (clocks, stability etc). So if there is no deffect, then AMD would of course prefer to sell it as a 5870 for much more profit.

RE: ATI 5850
By jonmcc33 on 11/17/2009 4:54:32 PM , Rating: 1
No, not a problem with low yield. The problem is with the high demand. You can easily find a computer from Dell, Acer, HP and other OEMs that has a Radeon HD 5800 in it.

A search on NewEgg shows a CyberpowerPC system with a Radeon HD 5850 in it.

So I think that there is a decent supply available, it is just that the OEMs are getting (hogging) them as opposed to the retail graphics card market.

RE: ATI 5850
By bighairycamel on 11/17/2009 5:22:07 PM , Rating: 2
Here is the source article I was referring to:

A biased report on the 5850
By aguilpa1 on 11/18/2009 10:28:51 AM , Rating: 1
I noticed it was compared to a 260 (a $200) card even though he clearly states the 5850 can be had for $300. He should have compared to a 275 which is a also a $300 card. Not a credible review.

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