Google is hoping to launch Ara early next year

Google is looking to revolutionize the smartphone industry with its Project Ara initiative. The program aims to provide a smartphone “endoskeleton” which can be configured with replaceable modules. If you’d like to upgrade your display, camera, processor, or even add a keyboard, your wish would be granted with a replacement module for each individual component.
"We want not just to create something that's custom, and not even just something that's unique, but actually something that's expressive so that people can use this as a canvas to tell a story," said Ara program head Paul Eremenko earlier this year. "So that you can set your phone down at dinner on the table next to you, and it becomes a topic of conversation for the first fifteen minutes of dinner."
According to Google, over 90,000 people applied to become a “scout” in the Ara beta program. Today, the company announced that it has selected 100 people to receive the phone, which will refine over the course of the next eight months. But perhaps the best news for those lucky 100 scouts is that Google will be providing the Ara phones for free.

This is a stark contrast to Google Glass, which costs “Explorers” $1,500 to secure.

Source: The Next Web

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